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One Year Anniversary

In two days it will be the one year anniversary from having this blog (just renewed, that’s how I know).

Since that time I have completed my first novel, and the readers of this blog walked with me as I went on the journey of getting it self-published, and the various decisions made with it. I consider that first book, Fall of House Nemeni, a definite success, even though I have not been able to market it recently.

Then, I had an older work re edited, and released it (Mandatory Paradise). Although it has a small vocal fanship with me, this did not feel as successful. I do not know if I did not market it well enough or if because it was so tonefuly different than my first (but newer in terms of when I wrote it) released work, but it never found the same footing as Fall of House Nemeni. I feel like I have learned from it too, and want to do something with this book or world sometime in the future, but for now it is not my focus.

Currently I am working on the second of the Allmother’s Fire trilogy (most likely to be titled “Rise From the Sun Below”) and although a move and then more recent real life events have slowed my work on this, it is nearing the 2/3rd mark and I am making progress on it.
I am considering writing a short story when this second novel is finished and going through the various layers of editing, but my original plans of maybe doing another novel in another world are on hold until this trilogy is finished. I would like to think that one of the things I have learned from Mandatory Paradise is not to shift my focus when working on another novel too much.
I also had my encounter with other obstacles, but they seem to be in the past too.
So realistically what can be expected from the future? I plan on finishing and publishing book two before 2013 is done. 2014 should finish the trilogy, and I may or may not (schedule permitting) release another short story during that time. After that? I have decided it’s probably smart to wait until I finish the first trilogy to make any other decisions.

One other plan, is you notice my first book is getting close to having been out for a year, and yet it has never been released on the Nook as per my original plans. A variety of factors have contributed to this but the biggest are twofold. One is that Kindle promotions are too important to give up, at least for now. Maybe when more books of the trilogy are out I can decided to let the first book go multiplatform, but for now, it’s too important to keep things Kindle Exclusive. The other is originally the process to convert to smash words and then nook was so specific that it was annoying to meet all of what they wanted. Then, nook re did how to submit books just to it, but their newest terms of service leave something to be desired. For a person who owns a nook (in addition to kindle on their tablets) this annoys me that I won’t be releasing in that format any time soon, but I do not see any way around that for now.

So all in all, it’s been a great year, and I will leave you with a dialogue snippet frpm the current chapter(pre editing of course):

The youngest Nemeni pointed to her back and said, “I did not mutilate myself here either, all the people from where I live don’t have wings … yet.”


“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.” ~ Oscar Wilde

The above is my favorite quote of all times.  I was thinking about Quotes, and the power they have in writing. There are people who will forgive a multitude of plot sins if they get enough quotes out of a piece.  They do not even have to be Oscar Wilde level clever, just memorable.  I have started the next book, and here are some quotes (one each) from the  first four chapters that I like, but they are not really in the vein of “clever” as much as “memorable” for me.

“When Daisy was annoyed, she hit things. When Daisy was mad, she tried to dismember people.  Daisy was furious, so it was no surprise the deck was clear of all crewmembers.”

“Long forgotten memories flooded back into her consciousness as the two women who were choking each other screamed in the exact same pitch as they fled together into oblivion.”

“It seemed strange to want to shiver when he was located in the middle of a giant ball of fire.”

“He ignored the pain in his chest as he commanded his blood to work overtime and expel the musket ball back out of his body, and at his fencing partner.”

It’s a smaller post today but I am curious how Quotes affect you with books?

How do you feel about Quotes with books:

1) That’s one of the things that make a book stand out for me, how quotable it is. Very Important.

2) I remember more cool things done more than clever phrasings. Not that Important.

3)I don’t care what is being said but more how it is said. Important only if clever

As for current books updates:

The old large novel being re-edited is about1/3 of the way through its first editing pass (but not it’s last).  I am seriously contemplating just releasing it as 1 big novel after all. This will be the first time I go against my polls, but really re looking at it, I am not sure there is a great stopping place as it really was intended to be one novel, and I don’t want any changes like that to feel really artificial and forced.

The sequel to Fall of House Nemeni is pretty much moving long at it’s projected pace, so not much to say on that front other than it is moving as it should.

As for trying to revise Nemeni in time for the July 1st promotions, I am nervous about it, but we will see.  It has been started, and minus the third chapter as per feedback.

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