It Rises like Krakken from the deep!

Ok, so moving and a new job altered everything a lot more than I thought.  Oops.

Now things are calming down, and I am re establishing some control over my schedule and timing.   What does this mean to my readers?  Starting Sunday I am going to use any Sunday that I am not at a convention to do some writing. This blog, the book, and a few other things.  Something happened yesterday to re ignite me, and I won’t stop till the whole Allmother’s fire trilogy is finished. It still won’t stop then, but now the need to finish it is consuming me.

As for what stoked the fires for finishing my tale of swashbuckling, flying ships, family warfare and Revenge, well, it’s rather silly.

Er, it was an episode of the 2002 He-Man series.  No Really.  I have no idea why.

My need to write pulpy over the top action laced with a family drama somehow re asserted itself watching that show. What silly thing to be my inspiration, but it is.  you would think it was all the people I heard talking about Princess Bride recently.  But no, silly goofy he man somehow inspired me with a neat solution to a story issue.

My blogs will more likely be weekly then three times weekly they used to be, but they will be more often and more regular.  Honest.

As for a hint of what to expect in the next book all I can say is — wings.


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