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Returning from Hiatus (and possible fiction coming up)

So as most people who can read this blog know, I just finished a 2000+ mile cross country move. Multiple cats in a car for that long is definitely a recipe for insanity and has given me ideas for new dastardly deeds for some of my villains to perform.  The trip, settling in, and new job related tasks have kept me away for a few weeks (and only posting once a week before I left). Now it’s time for me to jump back into the swing of things, for both this blog and my book (and social media).

This is the first actual hiatus I have taken for a long time (since going down the path of getting the books published), as even when the first book was being edited and prepared for publication, I was still working on the edits and this blog.  This time however I have not done anything writing related, and I want to get back up to shape before jumping back into writing.  I feel like if I just start where I left off in the second Allmother’s Fire book (about two thirds or so the way through) that it won’t be as good  as it can.  I kind of feel like a car engine in an old back up car that hasn’t been used all winter, and now I have to get back to premium shape.

That’s one of the tough things I think for Kindle authors.  Most of us have other jobs and a pretty busy life with our families and friends, and sometimes those things interfere with writing.  It’s OK for that to happen, e-book writing is a marathon not a sprint, and it’s the long term that matters.  At the same time when you do stop for a while because of time consuming events in your life, finding the right way to get back into the groove can be frustrating.

So I am contemplating writing snippets of fiction (possibly even too small to be true stories, something serialized) just to get back into the groove.  I have some other ideas, but it would help both my blog and my story back so that’s what I am considering the most.

The  question is if so, what should I write?  I lean towards setting something in the Allmother’s Fire World, but not directly connected to the current story since that is what I am trying to write in again.  Then again I know a few people who would love anything in the Mandatory Paradise universe, so I am at least considering it . I could do something completely new also, so I really do not have a preference yet.  As always you can write me directly if you don’t want to put them in the comments but either way would help.

Also, although I am often dispensing what I have observed while following this path as a writer to others in this blog, this time I would love to receive intelligent advice if people have encountered other ways to ramp things back up after a hiatus.  Some of the people I would normally ask are actually on hiatus themselves right now, interestingly enough, so I would be more than willing to listen to the tips of others.

World Info

Just leaving you with one small tid bit.  So far in the world of the Allmother’s Fire the only sentient race are humans, and as of book one that is all that appears to exists.  The next book expounds upon this Universe more, and so far as of the current writing there are three other sentient races (well two definitely sentient, and one debatable) and it’s been fun to write.  I’ll let you know none are “standard” fantasy races, although one race can be found in most clockpunk novels.  Some of my reviewers (especially on goodreads) referred to my works as having a sci fi influence, which I had not thought of as much before.  I have a feeling more statements like that will be made in the second book (more in a John Carter of Mars type of sci fi, then in a Star Trek/Star Wars way).


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