Non Sleazy Self-Promoting (Then a Promotion about a Promotion!)

One of the best things about e-publishing is the about of creative control you get over your narrative.  In the end you get to decide what you want to write about, how you want to write about it, and who you want in it.  The downside about this of course, is it’s up to you to make sure people know it exists.  Self-Promotion is the only promotion, and it’s a necessary part of being an e-book author.  How and where you decided to promote has a lot to do with how successful you are.  There are some right ways and wrong ways to do this.

Wrong way: Going onto Amazon and self-promoting everywhere.  Many e book authors are amazon exclusive, so it makes sense to go there. However, any amount of self-promotion or mentioning your own book outside of the Meet Our Authors forum is completely discouraged.  This might seem odd at first to a new writer, how else are people going to here about your book if you don’t talk about it?  The problem is, there are thousands of other authors with the same thing in mind, and soon the amazon forums get glutted with everyone only offering their own book any time asks for a recommendation.  It’s considered tacky if you relatives if or those involved in editing your book do it either for the same reasons.  So how do you get the word out with forums?

Right Way: First, if normally forums you used in your hobbies (such as gaming forums) have a miscellaneous section, you can always post links there (check those forums rules before you do so).  Doing this helped a lot with the initial launch of Fall of House Nemeni.  Second, you can go to writers forums that allow that sort of thing.  For example, the Genre Underground group on Goodreads, has several places for new authors to write about their own books.  Other groups can be obtained from google too.

Wrong way with social media: Constantly spamming your normal friends, and only the people you already know to buy your stuff.  After the tenth post about your new book, Grandma might block you from facebook.  That would probably be humiliating.

Right way with  popular social media (twitter, google+, facebook) : Make new accounts for just you as an author.  If not using a pseudonym, then use one just for the “writing side” of you.  Of all of them twitter is probably the best.  It is easy to get a large following of other authors (follow e book authors and they will often follow you back).  In addition to social media, blogs can be used as a way of getting your name out, as long as you post frequent and original content that those besides just readers of your books would want to see (hint this blog is an example :))

Networking with other writers is a fantastic way to promote your book.  It is not acceptable to just say to other writers “tweet my book posts” or “put a link to my book on your site.”  Instead actual friendships with other authors can be beneficial to all.  Mention them at random times in other posts, and help them with their own book launches and other news.  In return, they will be more than happy to help out without you having to badger them when you need the same assistance.

This month the Genre Underground will have blog swap, with the last post of the month swapping mystery author’s blogs.  This event is called “Trick and Treat”.  The link to information about this is here: and I highly recommend reading the others blogs to get used to their style, so when it comes around you can guess as many as possible.  Prizes (including a HUGE one from Bookbaby) abound, and I am getting into the spirit of it by giving my own prize.  Besides the above link, tonight on twitter there will be chat about it with the hashtag #GUchat (8pmEST) and the @GenreUndergroun feed.

The winner will get a short story, written by my set in one of my worlds (of their own choosing).  The also will request what he main protagonist is like (it can even be based on you) and maybe a hint of what they want the story to be about.  Then I will write it for you, and post it here later (free for everyone).


How do you feel about self-promotion

1)I have no problem with it.

2)Necessary Evil.

3)I hate it.


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