More Like Tornado of Change (and talking heads)

I’m going to have to declare the Winds of Change Promotion a success, at least so far.  A E Marling spent a lot of time sitting at number One in the Kindle Free Epic fantasy list, M Todd Gallowglas sat around #2  or #3 for Dark Fantasy (and also #3 and #4 for another book of his and around that on the Fantasy Series list), Christopher Kellen was around #7 and #8 for Epic Fantasy, and I was up to #14 for Epic Fantasy!  Dave Meek with Stalker Squadron was at #30 for Action Adventure and # 5 for Sci-fi High Tech and we all went below the #1000 mark in the general free kindle store!  Needless to say good stuff.

So what to expect in the future because of this?  More promotions of course, but more general interactivity as well.  I have positive feedback oorm the Interview with M Todd Gallowglas, so I can tell you that won’t be the last.  The books are all still 99 cents today and tomorrow, so if you did not pick any up, there is the time to complete your collection! Hre is the link to my page and look in the product description for the otehr great titles!

As for other Tornados of change between this promotion and work being swamped I have not been able to move much on the book recently.  I hope to rectify that this week and get caught up on the new book.  It’s hard learning to balance actually getting the book done, all the rest of what I need to do in my normal life, and all the long term important things for securing my career with writing, but it is looking up.

Also I am mapping out my long term plan better, to keep something always available on Kindle Direct.  I may get the next novel done 3 months after I get my epic published, but I frankly might not so I have back up plans.  A novella may be released after the epic, and like the epic it is already mainly written but just needs to go through editors.  However since the novella is a smaller and cheaper work, it seems weird to me to do a complex cover like the current one I have.

That leads to today’s blog poll.

If I release a novella what should I do cover wise:

1)Keep it the same grade of quality or more so than the current one and what you plan for the epic.

2)It’s a novella.  It should still be professional, but it can be simple and not require tons of graphics or art.

3)It’s just a novella.  Slap a name on it, and don’t bother wasting any money at all on the cover.

As for info on the sequel:

I’m writing a flashback right now to when a massive amount of power was announced it would be transferred. This is a pretty big scene and most of what takes place in book one occurs because of this scene.  Obviously that makes it important, but right now it’s coming out as just talking heads.  I have written about before that I like to just throw in a cliffhanger or action if I feel like the pace is slowing, but that would be incongruous with what I am currently writing.

Another scene I did a few weeks ago that was similar I could use dramatic irony and inter character tension to punch it up, but that would not fit here either.  Anyone got any advice on how to punch up necessary talking head scenes?  At this point all I can think of is cutting down the dialogue to the most efficient dialogue possible even when out of character to shorten the scene as much as possible, but that does not totally fit.  Without physical action, character tension, or dramatic irony I lose alot of my tools to keep things flowing well.

Another idea I had was instead of doing what feels more like natural back and forth dialogue between the main character and who he is imparting information to I could just have him do a quick info dump, not give people a chance to react, and change scene.  Then I could show the necessary reactions of other characters in other scenes that have other events occur, and let things move on.  Any thoughts?


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One response to “More Like Tornado of Change (and talking heads)

  • Lady Rose

    As a book person, this is a quirky thing for me. I like all my books from a specific author to be alike… all hardcover or all same cover art, same size etc.

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