Disregarding Advice

I have for the first time decided directly to go against advice solicited here by the poll results in one case.  I have never wanted them to be binding, just a good indication of what other people were thinking, taking the pulse of my readers.  The more I look at releasing the epic novel (which I have never given a definite name to here yet, which should be a hint of what an eventual poll question will be : ) ) the more it does not make sense to  break it into separate parts.

I was originally focusing on getting it out sooner, but right now the first pass of editing is going much faster than I originally thought it would.  Also, before I was focusing on seeing if I could have new material out every 90 days or so, mainly to get the most out of  how the exclusivity deals work for amazon. Whereas I still like that idea, and I have some long term ways to help with that after the Allmother’s Fire trilogy is done, I have decided for now not to make that my focus.  At a bare minimum I want to get the epic tome out and maybe at least one other thing while I work on the trilogy, to build up a body of work as soon as possible.  Post trilogy, I have some neat ideas to keep that up, but I will make that the topic of a different blog.

Also when I look at this novel which was meant to be one self-contained fiction, it appears to me it will be very artificial if I break it into two books. It won’t follow a normal confrontation -rising action-climax-falling action style if chopped into two books, and I think it’s important in normal series for each piece to feel like its own book.  Therefore due to information I was not thinking about in the original poll, I will probably release this as just one book.

For now with so much of my book time that is not spend on the trilogy looking at revisions that are going on, I am thinking of going against normal advice for a very short period of time.  I have been told with self-publishing about 75% of your time is spend marketing your books, and I have not done so as much recently, and this reflects in sales.  However, in a just a few short weeks I am planning on having a revision of my book out.  Too me, it seems silly to put effort into getting people to buy the book before the new revision comes out, which leads me to today’s poll.

Should I stop marketing my Fall of House Nemeni book until the revision comes out in about two weeks?

1)No, it can hurt general momentum if you stop marketing.

2)Yes, focus on getting the best product into people’s hands.

My next blog may be a little later than normal as I will be busy earlier in the next week. I might still be able to put something up on time depending upon circumstances.

As for specific Nemeni world information, here is a new tidbit:

All of the Houses have tried to do to their element what Lontor and the other Wood based families have done, ie try to make it so the substance they control can float through the air.  Only Cloudwood has ever been able to do that, but there are ancient tales that Artists used to be able to do so with marble and other stones.  These tales are what inspired the floating sky Citadels, even though in current reality there is a Cloudwood structure embedded under and in layers in the marble.  Artists to this day still experiment to see fi one day they can be the artist who finally learns to make stones float.  These artist point towards the islands themselves, and say there must be some way to do it.


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