Killing your Babies and Revision

Very minor spoilers (if you read the product description there are no spoilers involved)

Fall of House Nemeni begins with four chapters of four different view points based off a single event.  The original idea was to chronicle the cataclysmic (well at least for the House Nemeni it was) events that shape the rest of the book, and show how a different pair of eyes could tell a different story.  As I get feedback from multiple people about the beginning of the book although there are some differences of opinion, most people have responded thusly: they like Chapters 1 and 2, and most did 4.  What has become really obvious, is that most did not like Chapter 3, and it has made me think about something another author once told me.

They said, “The most important thing about being an author is being willing to kill your babies.”  I am pretty sure it was not a literal infanticide comment or just bieng willing to let characters die, but more about excising things in your book that you will want to keep because they are important to you, but the book does not really need it.  Upon re reading I can see chapters 1, 2, and 4 reveal significant new information and interesting characters that it is obvious why people like those chapters.  In my mind Chapter 3 was a needed piece of the puzzle, but further study combined with feedback makes it obvious to me that maybe three lines are really needed, the rest just completes my want of having four characters observe the same events, and is not needed.

I am going to send House Nemeni through another round of edits, even though publsihed now, as I have caught several issues not caught before original publication (then/than issues, some grammar, etc) and a couple of formatting issues that did not show in the preview mode when I published it to kindle.  I plan to do this rather soon, and want it out before the July 4th weekend if possible.  At the same time these edits will help the book, nothing major changes as to the story itself by doing them.

With that in mind, I now ask my next poll question:

When I release the revised version of the book, should I entirely cut out the current chapter three?

1)Yes, if overwhelmingly people don’t seem to like the chapter, then cut it.  Early momentum when reading is important.

2)No, the book has been released, if you kill an entire chapter in future versions of the book, that will be confusing to the people that already have it if they download the revised version later.

Specifics, like whether or not I should add the few missing pieces of information that would occur from killing that chapter into another place in the book can be decided later.

Also, is there someone who is not currently editing another book for me that thinks they could do another round of revisions in the allotted time?  If so, please let me know the more fresh eyes the better.

As for a book world tidbit:

There are flying versions of various creatures both of the mundane variety (like flying gazelles) and the less mundane (like flying Kraken) around the floating islands. In many cases they have versions that seem island bound, and than others that fly around.  In the cases gazelles the flying variety have wings, in the cases of some of the species like Kraken they do not.  There is not a lot of conjecture in this world as to why this occurs, but some philosophers think it is the same thing that allows islands to fly and never sink that allows certain species to do the same.  Every year more mundane species seemed to be spotted flying (some try to even say they have seen flying cows and pigs) in uncharted spots around the isles, but there is not definitive proof for many of the claims made.


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