Expanding my Territory!

First, as a result of advice given and as backed by the poll, I will be releasing an older work.  That was originally going to be my next poll question, which of three works to release, but after looking over it and discussing it with people who have read all three, I have decided to release an epic novel I worked on about 4 years ago.  The novel holds up well (it’s actually much funnier than I remembered), but really needs editing, both the obvious like grammar, spelling, etc, and the just as needed tightening of the Third Act.  I love the rest of the novel, but the third act is a much quicker pace than the rest and it feels un-natural.  I have a lot more people volunteering to edit/beta read now, so I will take advantage of that to get that book out, with a minimal amount of my own time so I can continue with the current series.  I will of course do re writes as needed, but it’s not nearly as time consuming as creating the rough draft of the new novel.

In addition to putting up the new novel another way I am expanding is people are now just starting to borrow my book on Amazon Prime from the free lending library.  I am more than OK with this, and if you have finished the novel and want to lend it out to someone else on Amazon Prime, I am happy with this.  Due to my exclusivity with Kindle I still get recompensed and another person gets to know my book exists : )

Also, my book has shown up on Shelfari and Goodreads, and if you have it you can add it to your shelves there!  This is one of the good side effects of a massive free book sale, it has ended up on some people’s shelves, and I notice that amount increasing every day or two.  If anyone here wants to join in there, they can now that it is up! 

The final way I have expanded is with a group of authors that are writing cutting edge speculative fiction called the Genre Underground.  The twitter feed for it is https://twitter.com/#!/GenreUndergroun and there will be more in the future on that, definitely a group to keep an eye out for and some great deals in the future.  You might even see some interviews from some of those authors here later : )

Most of my future topics will deal with the current book, but occasionally there will be poll questions and other details of the much larger book that will come out from me soon.

This of course transitions smoothly into my next poll :

Should I release the older epic in two or more parts (the total is about 170,000 words, to give perspective my currently released novel is about 92,000) or as one big novel?

Pros of Releasing as one big novel: It was originally meant that way.

Con: It will take longer to be released, and it will be harder for me to know how to price.  If I price it much larger than the current one then it may not sell, but if I price it very close or the same people may feel ripped off for such little price difference if they bought my current novel.

Pros of Releasing in Parts: I can release the first part pretty soon, and it will be easy to price it.

Con: It was not originally meant that way, so I may have to do a little work on it to find a natural stopping point, and maybe juggle a few chapters or scenes so that it works as two separate books (I will probably have to add a prologue to the second half to catch new readers up too).

As always let me know if you have any questions about the book, your questions are definitely what I base this blog on.


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4 responses to “Expanding my Territory!

  • amkenning

    I’m thinking two parts might be better. But then…I’m biased towards LOTR. 😉

  • Shannondoa

    2 parts will be better when you consider time and pricing. Also the more individual works that become available, the more quickly knowledge of you will spread.

  • mdkenning

    That’s a good point I was not thinking about, if I split it I can release the second half a few months after, keeping up a steady flow of almost always having something exclusive every 90 days for amazon!

  • supercraftifragilistic

    And reading super-long books gets kind of exhausting for me (like I often read something else in the middle of a huge book)… I don’t know if most readers of fantasy like this feel the same way though.

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