I Sold Out and it Felt Great.

So I followed both the poll’s advice, and the advice of some friends on Saturday, and became exclusive for the next 90 days with amazon.  As part of that deal, I can have my book free for a few days.  I get no compensation during that time, but it’s a good way to actually get my books into people’s hands.  I decided to have that first free day be Memorial Day, and this was obviously the right decision, since by the end of last night I was number 12 on the Epic fantasy chart for Kindle!  300 more people have a copy of this book in their hands now, so I am definitely feeling like everyone gave me the right advice, thank you!  Plus, it did not hurt that this was on reddit 🙂

As originally a nook owner (I now have both kindle and nook apps on my tablet and read both) this felt a little strange, but the results are worth it.  Taking this advice and seeing it work out so well has me now mulling over other advice from people doing the indie scene.  One of the similar pieces I have of advice is to have multiple works out as soon as possible. It seems ok if a couple of the other works are novellas instead of full novels, but having a volume of work seems to help for multiple reasons.  One seems to be your shorter works can be cheaper or free constantly to get your name out, and the other is you are higher on searches if you have more than one work out.

I can see the wisdom in this, and I do have two short stories I am writing in attempts for anthologies, but that really does not match the advice given here. The problem is if I write a novella or shorter work then it delays my work on the second book of the current series.  I do not mean George RR Martin type delays (it only takes me about half a year to do a novel at the latest, once combined with editing it would be done much sooner than a year) but I only have a finite amount of writing time.

This of course, leads me to today’s poll:

What should I do about trying to get a novella or two up as soon as possible:

1)With the help of your larger editor army, get one of your previous works edited and out. This may mean breaking it down into 2 books (one of the finished ones is huge, but needs editing badly).  This way your actual writing time investment stays on the current book, and the majority of the effort is on your editors (since you really only have to put in the re writes, or maybe make it break into separate books better).

2)It’s your current works that people are actually looking at. Take you time to write a novella set either in the same world (maybe a different island) or at least the general clockpunk genre since feedback shows that is one of your selling points.

3)Just focus on getting the next novel in your current series out.  It may take longer before you have more than one work published, but when you start a series that needs to be your only focus until it is done.

And for feedback:  I have gotten some feedback and critiques which I think will help strengthen my next work.  One of them is the flashbacks confused some people.  In the first book, I noted the timing (if it was a flashback and when, or “now” if the chapter after a flashback) in the chapter header.  The next book I will take that information and take it out of the chapter title and bolded right before the first paragraph.  Thank you, your feedback helps me a lot!

Also, I have no reviews up now, but if any reader of this does put one up, besides being honest about the rating,  please if we have a connection (friend, relative, editor of book,  etc) make sure to disclose it.  On amazon, that is the proper etiquette so it does not look like you are attempting a “shill” review. 🙂


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4 responses to “I Sold Out and it Felt Great.

  • amkenning

    Do you know if I’m allowed to write a review yet? Once I get to that point that is. 😀

  • supercraftifragilistic

    This is another tough one, but I think a lot of people would be interested to see things you’ve already written. Since your previous novel is so huge, it doesn’t seem like a crazy idea to divide it into two. I would say you should definitely continue with this series, though, before starting a new novel/novella, because you’ve already got some momentum with this one. If you end up writing several short stories, maybe you could put those in book form, too. I know I am excited to see a short story or two!

  • Shannondoa

    Having read some of your older work I think having it edited and put out would be good, but a short story/novella within the current world or clock-punky would probably be better. I would recommend asking an editor/or three to go through the older work you were considering and working to make it publishable while you do a novella to expand the name… wait until at least 2 full books are out before you introduce a new world 🙂

  • Lady Rose

    As one of my favorite novels by David Eddings is “Regina’s Song” I think the older pieces (if edited and written well) will be just fine. Another example is GRRM. His epic masterpiece is Game of Thrones. But he has other stuff written while writing Game.

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