Select Markets and Noble Abilities

There is a promotional move that I am considering but I am kind of torn.  Kindle has a Select program with its independent authors, where you can enroll in that program and get more exposure, and also recieve some compensation when someone checks out your book in the Kindle library from being a Prime member.  This gives your book a much wider exposure which is great for an independent author, as letting the masses know your book even exists is one of the toughest things at the beginning.

However, like all things in life, there is a catch.  If you do this, your book has to be exclusive to Kindle electronically for at least 90 days.  Today I recieved my formatted manuscript for my publisher to Nook, iBookstore, Sony, etc today or this weekend.  The way things are, I would be allowed waiting the 90- days to have it up in that bookstore, but I have several readers who already told me they only use nook (as I used to) and so they will have to wait three more months from when I start until they can read my book.

At this point my question is twofold.  First, will more new people be exposed being the Select program to make up for the loss on all other platforms?  Second, even if this is true (which may be possible) is this something I want to do?  I know if I was still tied only to the nook platform that would annoy me, and maybe even make me care less about the book when it did come out on my platform.

This all ties into today’s poll, a rather simple but important one:

Should I join the Select program and be 90 days exclusive to Kindle?:

1)Yes, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

2)No, the negatives outweigh the benefits.

Pretty simple question, but more important than most of these polls in my mind, since I will make my decision over the weekend.

I finally had my first clarification question about a character and their abilities in Private Mail, and in case others are wondering I wanted to add a caveat that might help in reading.  I want to do it in a way without giving spoilers to those very early in the book so here it is – remember everyone has two parents, and many of them are from different noble houses so there are multiple types of abilities each person might have access too.

Also along those lines, people have asked about noble blood and powers, here are a few (but there are others, and Artists and small guilds have their own abilities too)

1)House Nemeni — power over metals that manifests in making clockwork gadgets that can break the Grand Laws of the Universe, or more mundane clockwork gadgets but do not need to be wound if used by a member of Hosue Nemeni.  They can “call” out to the gadget and it works.

2)House Tanello – power over water, this shows mainly in manipulating and detectingwater over distances, they are experimenting with steam engines

3)Various families of Lontor — amongst other smaller islands, they have power over Wood, and make the much needed cloudwood  that all airships use, and can sculpt it with their bare hands

4)Artists – control and molding of earth and marble and stone

Keep sending questions, and I may have some interesting news next week about another project I am … well we will just wait and see.


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5 responses to “Select Markets and Noble Abilities

  • Shannondoa

    I think the kindle select sounds like a pretty good thing… I don’t have a nook or a kindle tablet… I downloaded the Kindle app to my computer and my phone and that is how I am reading it.

  • amkenning

    because of the kindle app on phone and PC, i think that the 90 days might not be terrible. Anyone can get that app I think for free.

  • Christina

    I don’t have an e-reader & don’t have much interest in one right now. I have downloaded Kindle for my computer free, but I haven’t used it all. Call me old-fashioned, but I just love holding books and magazines in my hands and hoarding them in my house. If I were to get an e-reader, I would strongly lean toward a Kindle, because we like our Prime membership. Barnes & Noble is just a good place to browse books & touch them before buying on Amazon. 😛

    Have you considered releasing your book in physical form using on-demand printing?

    • mdkenning

      I am considering print on demand, but it would require me to comission a whole new cover (different specifications, higher dpi, etc) so that would be in the future and not in the short term. I still enjoy reading a good old fashioned dead tree copy myself, but the convenince of having a library that can never be burnt and can be accesed in many different ways becomes more addictive after use. 🙂

  • Bethany

    This is super tough, because I know there are people who would buy it on Nook. However, since you don’t have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books, and it is only temporary, I would go with doing this exclusive program. I think the benefits of the extra exposure would outweigh the negatives of a few people not buying it until it comes out on other platforms, because they will probably still end up buying it in a few months anyway. In the long term, the more exposure you get, the better.

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