Of Limbo and Second Novels

We are now at an interesting stage.  The book is out on Kindle (which you probably already know but here is the link just in case http://www.amazon.com/Fall-House-Nemeni-Allmothers-ebook/dp/B00847364S/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1337631356&sr=1-1 ) but not in other formats yet.  The other e-book stores will get their copies from my publisher, and the formatting of my manuscript for them is still occurring and won’t be done till later this week.  After that it still needs to be electronically distributed to the other stores, which could take one to two weeks.  The publisher is how I will have free copies to give to reviewers in most cases, so I have a book out, but with no reviews.  That makes me effectively in limbo, even though it’s published on one platform, which is kind of weird.

Also, this is not part two of the Artist related blog as my artist was not able to do the interview this weekend, so that portion will have to wait until her schedule clears 🙂  That means a new topic is needed for this blog, and it is going to tie into today’s poll (which due to the results of the last poll will happen very frequently, but like my last blog announcing the book being out it will not be every post).  Today’s poll is about an interesting topic for me at least, the next book.

I do have some chapter fragments for it already, but I have not written the first chapter on that and I have just started doing so recently.  The first chapters of books in a series are special creatures for they simultaneously need to give new readers at least enough ground level information that they can comprehend the book even without as much insight as readers of the first book, yet they need to catch the interest of continuing readers too.

As is known for anyone who has started reading the books (I assume no one has finished it yet) in the series there a bunch of flashbacks for one of the characters.   My current plan is to use one of those flashbacks to introduce half the remaining cast and the background on the world and the massacre that drives the book, and the next chapter to introduce the current status quo and the rest of the survivors of the massacre.  I’m taking advice on whether this is seen as good, or if I should come up with a new framing device (such as a minor secondary character having a journal that recounts things or a historian writing of them after the fact).  The other idea would be to focus on actions occurring and let new readers be a little lost but have them catch up through little bits of exposition grafted in a more natural feel into the normal narrative.  Here’s a chance to help with the next book!

A)Use the flashback for chapter 1 and then continue from where you left on in the last book for chapter 2 to re-introduce the world and its concepts, and then move the plot along.

B)Make up a whole new device (journal, historian, etc) for chapter tone to catch new readers up

C)Hit the ground running and start things right after how they ended up in book one.  Your readers will catch up as long as you start putting little bits of information about the world in there.

As you read the book, let me know if you have any feedback.  It’s nerve wracking to see it sell a little, but not hear back from anyone that had not read it before : )


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