Allmother’s Fire

As you can see by my title of this blog, “Allmother’s Fire” will be the name for the series. It was what I was leaning towards before the poll, and same with my editor. Your votes and comments indicated to me this was the best path, and I definitely look at the comments almost as much as the votes. In fact later in this blog, I will put a little bit of information about the series pertaining to the comments, so if you are curious are about things and want me to answer just put them in the comments below. 🙂

The actual title of the book will contain a little bit of jargon in it, but I am hoping the less jargon title of the series will help. Book One is titled, “The Fall of House Nemeni” and the reason for it will be apparent both early and later on in the first book, for two different reasons. The short of it, it’s very descriptive about the book, and you can’t have a revenge story without something falling apart.
Ok now for things related to this poll. I am going to give a few possibilities to give for the book description. This is like what would be on the book flap or the back of the book if published in a non e-book manner. Let me know which one would want to read by the description of it, and as this is not set in stone yet I will take suggestions in the comments for this blog too. Keep in mind by it’s nature it’s a smaller description then the back of many books according to the restrictions on description size and none of these have been tossed towards my editor yet.

A) After a coalition of all the other power players on the floating island of Cenive destroy it’s powerful banking House patricians, a few remnants of that House hide for years. They flee and eventually settle in the seemingly dissimilar worlds of the Church and Air Piracy. Eventually this is not enough for them, and they come back together to exact revenge on everyone that was responsible for the massacre all those years ago. Other forces seem to be at play however, and now even those last few survivors face complete annihilation due to what appears to be traitors amongst their allies. At the heart of it all lies prophecy of flames and destruction, but is it of extinction, or making way for something new to rise?

B) In a reality of floating Islands with a Sun Above and a Sun Below, every noble House has it’s own abilities to break the Grand Laws of the Universe. Years ago the Church and most of the other noble Houses banded together to annihilate the domineering House Nemeni who created clockwork marvels that once let their banking empire span all of the floating islands. Now years later the remnants from that house have left their hiding places that span from the Church to a Piratical Airship to enact a well-planned revenge. Unseen forces and traitors from within cause their plans to careen out of control and soon the few survivors find themselves about to be destroyed. Their only hope lies in finding each other, and attempting to make a final stand.

C) Cenive is a floating island filled with art, culture, and most of all commerce. House Nemeni, the dominant House of the island filled with masters of coin and clockwork marvels, falls to a devastating massacre caused by all the other Houses on the island. Years later the survivors of this purge plan to leave their self-imposed exile as Air Pirates and working within the Church that might have betrayed them in the first place. Something else has plans that directly interfere with the remnants of House Nemeni, and only if the fractious survivors re unite do they have any chance of staying alive.
So in the poll, where it says A, B, or C, that is what I am referring to.

Finally to respond to one of the comments in particular, they were hoping the book did not have a lot to do with Religion, I wanted to explain a little more. This being a fantastical version of the world of Medici controlled Florence, the Church has a large role in tithes world, but for more people it was about secular power and that is largely reflected in the book. However it is a fantasy and between the abilities the nobles have and the fact that the Priestesses (yes it’s a matriarchal religion) seems to nullify their abilities, there is more going on with the Religion then just secular power, but not necessarily what it’s constituents thinks is happening at all.

Due to how some changes in the cover process, I will not have that in my next blog as the poll choice, but something tying into that may show soon. So we will see what it ends up being in two days. By the way if anyone has a twitter account, let me know, I am still figuring that one out, and want to run back to the safety of facebook and other tools like it.


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6 responses to “Allmother’s Fire

  • Dave O.

    I absolutely love the opening sentence of B, but would add the first sentence from C up t marvel, followed by the second sentence of B up to Nemani. Then B3. Then finish with A4.

    In all I guess I am saying I like them all, at least bits of each.

    • mdkenning

      From early returns on the poll, B seems pretty popular, so even if it wins I might toss in some of your suggestions to incorporate parts of the other descriptions (ecspecially since alot of B is in your reply). I will have to cehck on word limit for the descriptions part first, and will listen to other comments as well.

  • Lady Rose

    All 3 are well written. I just like B better than the other 2 🙂

  • amkenning

    B seemed like the best one I felt like A was a little. ‘this happens and then this happens and then this happens!” which is no fun. i read the book to find out that stuff. 😉

    But B was good. more flavor to it and wasn’t so rote.

  • Bethany

    I was torn between B and C, but I ended up going with B because I really like the first sentence- it got me interested. I think the first sentence is the most important, and if I’m not intrigued by the second sentence, I’ll usually put the book down. But I liked the feeling of C too – it was simple and a little easier for me to follow. Dave has a good point about the last sentence of A, because I like descriptions that end with a question – it’s an extra tug that makes you want to read the book to get the answer.

  • Shannondoa

    I liked B best but all three had good parts… I like Dave’s comment of a combined summery I think the final one should incorporate the “best” most attention grabbing lines from all three

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