Of Twits and Clockpunk

Disclaimer: This post was made less than 24 hrs after dental surgery on fun medicine, on a tablet. If something does not make sense here, it might be not just you.

So today I took the next few steps down the media trail, and added a facebook and twitter account, as apparently all of this is important when publishing e-books. Without agents and a publisher to promote you, you must self promote, and I expect to be active on a lot more forums than I used to be, all with a nice shiny blog link in my signature. The hardest part of this for me of course was signing up on twitter. I am sorta at philosophical odds with a platform that encourages tiny rapid bursts of information spelled like a 7 year old with a sugar rush but when I signed up today I found a most disturbing truth.

It’s actually fun, and fascinating and not just in a train wreck way. However if I start using hash tags in my normal emails, my friends have my permission to eviscerate me.

The less I focus on that the better though, so on to other topics.

First is that I will be closing the old poll.  MD Kenning will be my official name on most things, and in the few places a full name is required, it will be Miles Dale.  I originally had another name that started with the letter M, but since my wife and I plan on calling our future son that name, she requested I not use it.  So Miles it is :).  Now I wonder what the proper punctuation use with a smiley face is, and if it should go after the period.   I’d like to  blame that curiosity on the Vicodin, but I probably have a friend who would know the answer to that.  Anyone have any idea?

My next poll is for my series name.  I tend to like series names that are not to jargon filled like  “The Shmazacalifragilsitc Chronicles,” which would only make sense to a reader of that series.  Not that the above is a real series (I hope) but I have seen plenty like it.  I prefer ones that sound vaguely fantasy-ish but as a concept even if it brings up mythological resonances to a reader still does not look like word vomit.  So ” A Ballad of Winter and Summer” is fine with me, or “Disc of the Father God’ would even work.  So without reading the book, but knowing what I prefer, here are the choices:

1)The Allmother’s Fire

2)Clockwork Islands

3)Imperfect Cogs

4) A Tale of Airships and Vengeance

Yup, I am aware most of you have not read it, but which sounds like something you would read?

Finally, a brief explanation of why this is more “clockpunk” than Steampunk, as someone asked me what is the difference.  Mainly this is set in a more Renaissance inspired era than Victorian.  So less goggles and more piratey.  No to mention some of the most impressive “magic” in this world (which is more inspired by Renaissance era thinking of people have Dominion over different domains)  directly uses clockwork to break “The Grand Laws of the Universe,” but I will go more into that after the book is published.

Now to rest up, and start finalizing book names base on the series name I will use.


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10 responses to “Of Twits and Clockpunk

  • Bethany

    But I would TOTALLY read a series called “The Shmazacalifragilsitc Chronicles”!

  • E_Orlock

    ‘The Chronicles of Narna’ are something of a classic work, but that might be the exception that proves the rule.

    Sometimes I feel like authors who have flourid and pseudopoetic juxtaposition series names are pretending to be pretentious to pander to the egos of an ignorant audience.

    • mdkenning

      I`ll agree about Narnia, but I think the earlier fantasy novels Had a lot more ability to do that then modern ones do. When CS Lewis wrote there was not a virtual sea of ” Chronicle of fantasy jargon” novels either:-)

  • amkenning

    I like the Allmother’s fire one. It seems like the most serious and accessible of all of the choices. some of the others are a tad goofy.

  • Shannondoa

    While I liked the tale of airships and vengeance I felt allmother’s fire had a stronger gut reaction. The other 2 are rather silly and unless I am way off the series will not be a comical farce. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there will be plenty of humor(probably dark) but a comical name will skew expectations.

  • Dave O.

    Out of all of them, the choice for me is Allmother’s Fire. Though I really hope there is less of a religious bent than this. Like “thank the maker” from star wars. It was a great reference, but wasn’t anything for than that.

    I like including the term clockwork in the title, especially if the book has has much to do with the term as you say. Maybe clockwork can find it’s way into a later book. Maybe something citrus-y. 🙂

    Imperfect Cogs, wants me to change my sex and order a lifetime supply of bonbon’s, a really comfy couch, and stock in Kleenex.

    A Tale… I liked, but it seemed wordy, and it felt as it were parody.

    Overall, I think Allmother’s Fire takes my vote.

    And may the bacon be with you…. Stupid force.

    • mdkenning

      Anything religion handled would be in a fantasy way being as the world is heavily on the Renaissance era the church itself plays a role in what happens. You cant have scheming during that time without it 🙂

  • J.

    Period after smiley when you only mean to emphasize that sentence ;). Period before the smiley when you mean the entire passage.

  • mdkenning

    See, I knew someone would know. 🙂

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