And so it begins.

After a decade plus of writing mainly for myself or independent comics, I have decided to finally take a stab at that medium I desire to be in the most — novels.  More specifically, e-books. The current e-book environment is fantastic for an author to get out their works, perfect their craft, and find ways of getting their Machiavellian Air Pirate book that has shades of Princess Bride to it out to an audience without convincing a publisher of  it’s “mass commercial value.”

With the pulp magazine genre dead this is pretty much the best way to get out fun fast fiction to whatever audience has interest in it and in roughly two months maximum from now, my first book should be out.  I have completed other books before, but none quite felt like they were at the point to share with others, as this current book does, and minus a little bit of editing the manuscript is already done.  I have thought of doing this for a while, but  the only way I will make myself do it is to set deadlines, so I plan to have my book published by/during July 2012.

Hence the official M.D. Kenning pseudonym you see gracing this blog (yes, like many authors I am going for my first published works under a pen name, and you can help flesh it out too, please answer the poll) is the first step to making the book a reality.  I thought it would be fun to get some group consensus as I made my march toward publishing and plan on asking polls about various details having to do with the novel and it’s publishing.

Here is a few more details on the book, and the series.  It is the first in a trilogy (to be named, guess what my next poll is going to be?) and my above blurb sums it up.  Think of a fantasy version of Medici dominated Venice, but with Airship Piracy and floating islands and giant Kraken that fill the sky, yet it mainly focuses on one small family and a tale of revenge and survival.  The books are planned to be “normal” fiction size, ie it will be a lot smaller then what I have written before (think less like Game of Thrones size and more like Hunger Games size).  Each book will be in the roughly 90,000 -120,000 word area and are page turners.  I still need to finalize the name of the book and the series, but that will be the topic of future articles.

For now my plan is to get my name out there, expand my connections in the industry and have some fun trying this without a publisher or an agent and see what happens.  The plan is to be released first on Nook/Sony/ibooks first (same publisher) and then Kindle very shortly after. See MD learn how to bravely format his works!  Watch him wrestle with making a cover that is not made of stick figures!  Thrill to the adventures of him struggle for the proper name for floating wood!  All this and more!

By the way, my email here is and I look forward to working on this very interactive blog with you!

What should the initials in my Pen Name stand for?


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5 responses to “And so it begins.

  • Bethany

    I’m excited about this book! It looks like a fun one. Keep it up with the polls.

  • Stacey

    Cool! I like it and the idea! 😛

  • amkenning

    so excited that it’s finally going to be published! I can’t wait to get to read it. 😀

  • Lady Rose

    Cant wait to read this. Sounds like its going to be EPIC 😀

  • David Ongley

    In accordance with the current parlay procedures as determined by 1437 bacon conference. I am required to support Maester Kenning, in exchange for his decree that bacon is the superior form of food to all other foods. Furthermore, it has been decreed that if bacon cannot make it better, nothing can. So it is written so shall it be.

    I will always support Steampunk in just about any form. Make them Air Pirates, who occasionally enjoy bacon, and I am sold. Though I must remind you, that any mention of Air Pirates brings me fond memories of St. Canard, and the infamous and beloved Don Karnage.

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